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  • Foundation

    Pvc waterstop is widely used in concrete foundatation to stop the passage of liquid through concrete structure

  •  Swimming pool
    Swimming pool

    pvc waterstop can be used in swimming pool for waterproofing,Resists attack by acids (except organic acids), alkalis, chlorinated water, seawater, and natural salts – even diesel oil.

  •  Sewage pool
    Sewage pool

    when use pvc waterstop in sewage pool,Does not set up electrolysis with structural or reinforcing steel and will not discolour concrete

  •  Dam

    Dam and underground ,widely use pvc waterstop,Supplied in coils, which are easily handled, flexible, and may be bent around corners or formed in curves as required

  • Tunnel

    pvc waterstop used in tunnel,PVC WATERSTOPS must be correctly positioned for maximum efficiency.  Select a type that is thick enough to remain positioned during the concrete pours.

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About Us
Foshan Nanhai Fufujing Plastic & Hardware Co.,ltd
Nanhai District of Foshan City, Fu Fujing Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of mid and external PVC strip, suitable for dams, reservoirs, sewage treatment plant, warehouse, tunnel water retaining wall and sluice water retaining wall, concrete building movement joints, shrinkage joints and construction joints. Products are sold at home and abroad, the company has a number of technical staff for designers and contractors to provide comprehensive technical support and advisory services. After more than and 10 years of development, has become one of the leaders of Chinese Fu Fu Jing building waterproof
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