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 Projects for PVC Waterstop
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Advantages and development of PVC Waterstop Advantage 03 Jul 2017

PVC Waterstop is a kind of polyvinyl chloride resin which experience a series complecated process include Mixing, granulating and extruding to form. The main characteristic of pvc waterstop is that it include a kind of hydro expansive compound. When meet the water,the hydro expansive compound in waterstop will expand quickly.combined with concrete,it can stop the water pass the structure effectively

Not allow the water pass the concrete joints or expansion joint is important in concrete structure,they are particularly suitable to water retaining structures and in walls and slabs where pressure differential may occur.the application use pvc waterstop have swimming pool,dam,underground,construction building,basement wall,cark par,canals,digesters, water towers,ect

There is a question why we need to use pvc waterstop,that is a good question,some country donot use pvc waterstop for construction waterstop,they use pvc strip,one problem use pvc strip is in the process of installation,stickness with concrete is slow.the advantage using pvc waterstop is as following:

Environmental profiles

Make sure the constructure continue to operate

Easy to install

Can make expansion joint jointing section to construction joint section

Center bulb and flat top make the snug fit of filler board possible

in the nearly decade,as the devevlopment of infrastructure construction,the requirment of pvc waterstop is rising,International transport & logistics provide posibility for the worldwide of the material. Center bulb PVC Waterstop supplies are always up

In the background,Foshan nanhai fufujing plastic&hardware company set up and confirm to manufacture pvc waterstop.until now it have the history manufacturing pvc waterstop

of 15 years.with many year develope,fufujing own rich experience of pvc waterstop and devote to one kind of product make us more professional.

Currently FUFUJING mainly manufacture four kinds of pvc waterstop,include internal construction joint waterstop,Internal Expansion Joint Waterstop,external construction joint waterstop and external expansion joint waterstop.the function of those different kind of pvc waterstop is the same,just differ in the application of concrete structure.in addition to the pvc waterstop,also have some accessory such as connector( cross piece flat,cross piece vertical,T piece flat,middle-set-type and external-set-type),heater blade.for the size,have 150mm,200mm,250mm,300mm,320mm and some other special type.thickness have 3-5mm or do according to client require.If you have any requirement of pvc waterstop,please feel free to contact us.

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